The Best way to buy a used car in India

Buying a used car is not an easy process specially in India. The normal process flow involves searching for a car online , take a test drive , getting inspected by a mechanic. The story doesn’t end there , If you have owned a car before then you definitely know that you cant judge a car by going for test drive a few times. Additionally the paper work happens once you pay the money.

But have you ever considered these points before buying a car ?

  • What if the ownership transfer doesn’t happen and you have been scammed?
  • What if the car may have looked good but you have to spend much more than the paid money to fix the issues ?
  • What if the price is further negotiated ?
  • What if you booked a different car from the dealer and you got something else?
  • What if the car has some legal issues ?

Believe it or not these these issues happen more often. After endless follow ups you have to compromise with the car you have bought or sometimes you do have to loose your money. Now let me ask you one simple question

What if you can solve the problem in few simple steps ?

Cool isn’t it !!!

Plomor is India’s first Escrow marketplace cum service provider , Which holds your money till you are completely satisfied with the product . Then releases the fund upon your confirmation to the seller.

Benefits of using Plomor :

For car seller or Dealer

In India there is a trend that the seller gets the 50% of the money before registration and has to handover the car. For a new seller this might be tricky because there are chances the buyer may not turn up for the rest of payment. Plomor really helps in this situation as it notifies the seller to deliver the car only when the funds are deposited to the Escrow.

For buyers

Buyer has a protection against fraud and assurance of quality of the car exactly what he/she has paid for.You are not satisfied with the car then ship it back to the seller , we will refund you the money right away to your bank account.

How Plomor works in buying and selling of a car ?

Buying a car from a used car involves a huge amount of money transaction. Thus it is essential for both the parties to be protected from fraud. Plomor helps in smooth and secure money transfer and delivery of your car in below simple steps.

1.Getting started with a project :

Posting a request is absolutely free. You can login with your social media , fill a form ,mention your requirements in detail. You can invite your seller to propose you a quote as a bid. Accept the bid and ask the seller to create a milestone (ex : Car delivery and Ownership transfer )

2. Buyer pay for the milestone

Buyer pays for the milestone which is going to be safe with Plomor . Upon successful payment Plomor notifies the seller to deliver the car to the buyer

3. Seller initiates the paper work and delivers the car

Seller initiates the paper work and delivers the car and uploads the supporting documents in plomor for verification of safe delivery .

4. Buyer verify the car

Buyer get the time specified during initial phase of project creation to inspect the car. If the buyer happy with the car then informs Plomor to release the payment.

5. Sellers gets the payment and rating

Plomor releases the payment to the seller and seller gets the rating from the buyer. Rating and review process are really great method to gain customer trust.

Fees & charges

Posting a requestFree
Deposit funds0%
Per Request handling charge2% (Lowest in market)
Per Milestone handling charge1%
Featured Request per dayRs. 25
Membership ChargeRefer plan page

Referral Bonus

Escrow commissions charged for providers( Sellers / Owners) who refer new requesters that do not have an existing account on and who will join and create a new account and complete a request, is be absolutely free ,only milestone charges will be applied (1%). Other referral bonus of 2% will be awarded to the referrers when they are not working on same request.

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