How to prevent frauds while buying / Selling from OLX or Quicker like Websites ?

OLX and Quicker are marketplaces where you can find used items. These are the widely used websites across India to buy used products . When you don’t want to invest more in buying a brand new product , these websites provide alternative option to buy used items .

Ricks involved in buying/selling used items online ?

  • The quality of the product as per money
  • No trial period for the product you have purchased
  • Delay in paper work
  • You can only buy goods from your locality
  • Money scams / frauds
  • No seller review and ratings

These problems can be easily solved by an escrow management system. Let’s find out how?

What is escrow?

In Layman’s term Plomor let both buyer and seller register with them. Buyer deposits the cash and mentions the terms in the request , when the owner delivers the product as per the expectation , the amount will be transferred to the seller. To know more about escrow you can click on this link.

How escrow can solve above problems?

The quality of the product as per money :

In traditional process when you buy a used product you have to pay the full amount after inspecting it few times. Most of the reader will agree with me that is not enough time to evaluate the quality of the used good. Many possibilities are there ,buyer has to pay more than the quality of the product and spend more to make it work as expected.

This problem can be solved by Plomor. It is a escrow management system where both seller and buyer are registered. Buyers post the requirement of the product and invites the seller to the request. The Seller create the milestone and buyer pays the amount, Which is stored safe in a Escrow account. When seller delivers the product buyer instructs Plomor to release the payment.

As the seller is not paid in advance , the buyer is in safe hand to receive a good quality product as well as he / she can return the product to get refund.

No trial period for the product you purchased :

Both the buyer and seller are safe while transacting because funds will be deposited in a escrow account. Buyer can ask for a free period to evaluate the product and when he/ she is satisfied then instruct Plomor to transfer the money. Alternatively the buyer can return the product to get a refund. Seller is in peace of mind anyway he/she will be paid or get the product in the delivered condition.

Delay in paperwork :

Paper work takes time while buying car or bikes. When you buy a vehicle you pay the full or some percentage of the price but what is the guarantee that seller will do the paper work ? Chances are there he/she may claim back the vehicle . In other way how can a seller be sure ,after paper work is done ,he/she will get the rest of the payment? There is a huge chance of fraud. Plomor solves this problem using an Escrow payment system.

You can buy products anywhere from India :

Most of us prefer to buy from our locality because we can physically verify product and we can solve the money disputes if any fraudulent activity happens. The buyer has to pay at the moment he/she is making the purchase. This may increase the level of distrust as the buyer doesn’t know the seller while buying products from them online. Plomor help you to buy an where from India as the escrow account is used to make your money safe.

Seller review and ratings :

We consider seller review and ratings most of the times while buying products online. But we don’t get the same for used good sellers. Plomor let the buyer rate and review seller which is very useful for the sellers to get more sales and increase level of trust.

Bonus : Reverse Bidding

Reverse bidding is a process , where buyer doesn’t have to go to individual seller. He / she has to fill a simple form and post it for free. Sellers those who have those specific product bid on the request. This very efficient way of buying product because you don’t have to negotiate or communicate with all the buyers. Buyers always have a lot of option to choose from. Post your request for free on Plomor.

Seller doesn’t have to list individual product. They have freedom to set the price of the product according to the requirement. Seller doesn’t have to wait the buyers to approach them , they can find available requests related their categories and bid on them. More over they can sell anything which is requested for and build a impressive seller profile.

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