Freelancing Part Time Jobs

Must Read : If your are new to Entertainment Industry In India

Indian entertainment industry has grow significantly in last decade. More youngsters are opting out for entertainment industry in India as a permanent job. Now a days entertainment industry is not only limited to Indian film industry now days below projects create major source of income for entertainers.

Projects which need entertainers

  1. Corporate events
  2. Wedding parties
  3. House ceremony
  4. Conference
  5. Sports
  6. Cafes
  7. Lounges
  8. Restaurants
  9. Hotels

The only problem is finding and connecting with the connections. There are various websites and method where you can find these types of gigs .

  1. Mostly from your connections (Make contacts)
  2. Public directories
  3. Freelance Websites(depends on luck as they serve in multiple location)
  4. Facebook
  5. Plomor (Exclusively designed in India. It provides gigs only in India , so probability is high to get a Project or freelancer easily)
  6. Show case your profile in Instagram
  7. Publish youtube videos

Entertainment freelancing jobs which are in Trend

  1. Actors
  2. Singers
  3. Models
  4. Stand up comedians
  5. Dancers
  6. Public speakers

These gigs are alway in demand, because it is hard to find a good talent. And most of the time entertainers don’t get payment on time. This is one of the biggest reason why good talents are vanishing from Indian industry. If the things are fairly played we could definitely bring up new and good talents, so this is a best practice to always associated with an escrow process so that you wont be cheated. If you want to know about escrow this link will explain well. The Customers get the benefit too , as there are very few chances of getting scammed.

Online Presence

This is the most important phrase for any freelancers / part time job holders . No doubt you have talent but people should know about it. You have to showcase your talent in many possible ways.

  1. Making an impressive social media profile
  2. Creating a page
  3. Going live more often
  4. Get ratings and feed backs

Plomor helps you yo create an impressive profile by aggregating your bio, achievement, image gallery , video galley which can be easily imported from any of the websites. This has an advantage of getting reviews and ratings. This enables your potential customers to identify you add offer you gigs and get you more reviews. Plomor is absolutely free for registration and requires very less time to create a beautiful profile.

For the customers who want to hire an entertainer , it is really easy for them. You don’t have to go to individual profile and contact them. You can just fill a form with your requirements and within very few time you can see list of potential talents with their pricing as a bid. Then you can short list the providers , chat with them , view their profile and shortlist them. Here comes the big security feature the “ESCROW” . You have to only pay when you are satisfied with their work.

Freelancing Part Time Jobs

Finding part time jobs and making money in India

We all know finding a job is a hectic task. The person who is having a job is not happy and person who doesn’t have any job he is not happy either. The reason is the person who has a job he doesn’t have time and the person who doesn’t have a job has lot of time in spare. Then comes part time jobs in the picture. Are those going to a reliable source of income ?

Most of the part time jobs posted in job sites are scams. Either you wont get paid or the customers work is not done. Let’s assume you got a freelance or part time job , you earned money . The question is will you get recurring freelance or part time jobs. Honestly you can many people live their life by freelancing . But the question is how big is that group. I would say that is limited few people who are in Information Technology . There many sites like freelancer how provides the opportunity to work from home.

But what about non technical group. What about the freelance job or part time jobs which demands the freelancer should work on site. Those freelance websites connect the people from any corner of the world. May be it wont be possible for the freelancer to come to India and work for You. Let’s take an example of heavy truck driver , Construction , Artists it is hard for them to find regular jobs.

Here Comes Plomor as a helping hand. It only allows freelance or part time jobs from Indian people for India people. Totally home made. Build in a mission of made in India.

It has following features

  1. Freelance / Part times jobs only form Indians clients to Indian Freelancer
  2. Escrow for payment security
  3. Buy and sell products in reverse auction
  4. IT and Non-IT job types
  5. You can just simply refer some one to Earn money
  6. Find Near By Jobs

Plomor is a one-stop destination for finding short / long term projects specific to one’s field of interest. Opportunities for finding work are numerous. One can work over the weekend and find the kind of work one likes. One can work in one’s summer vacations or even post-retirement. Money isn’t the only motivation, but one gets paid well.There are no compulsions involved. One can make some additional money during one’s spare time, and find joy at doing what one likes the best.

We make short term jobs available for amateur and professional singers, models, comedians, event planners, photographers. It all starts with making a nice profile for oneself, showcasing one’s portfolio and getting hired for work.  
One need not bother about commuting long distances. Apply only for the gigs in your vicinity and earn additional cash in your spare time. One also has a chance at meeting a range of new people and making new friends.
In particular, for amateur artists, this is a fine opportunity to get some hands-on work experience in one’s field and refine one’s skills.