How to prevent frauds while buying / Selling from OLX or Quicker like Websites ?

OLX and Quicker are marketplaces where you can find used items. These are the widely used websites across India to buy used products . When you don’t want to invest more in buying a brand new product , these websites provide alternative option to buy used items .

Ricks involved in buying/selling used items online ?

  • The quality of the product as per money
  • No trial period for the product you have purchased
  • Delay in paper work
  • You can only buy goods from your locality
  • Money scams / frauds
  • No seller review and ratings

These problems can be easily solved by an escrow management system. Let’s find out how?

What is escrow?

In Layman’s term Plomor let both buyer and seller register with them. Buyer deposits the cash and mentions the terms in the request , when the owner delivers the product as per the expectation , the amount will be transferred to the seller. To know more about escrow you can click on this link.

How escrow can solve above problems?

The quality of the product as per money :

In traditional process when you buy a used product you have to pay the full amount after inspecting it few times. Most of the reader will agree with me that is not enough time to evaluate the quality of the used good. Many possibilities are there ,buyer has to pay more than the quality of the product and spend more to make it work as expected.

This problem can be solved by Plomor. It is a escrow management system where both seller and buyer are registered. Buyers post the requirement of the product and invites the seller to the request. The Seller create the milestone and buyer pays the amount, Which is stored safe in a Escrow account. When seller delivers the product buyer instructs Plomor to release the payment.

As the seller is not paid in advance , the buyer is in safe hand to receive a good quality product as well as he / she can return the product to get refund.

No trial period for the product you purchased :

Both the buyer and seller are safe while transacting because funds will be deposited in a escrow account. Buyer can ask for a free period to evaluate the product and when he/ she is satisfied then instruct Plomor to transfer the money. Alternatively the buyer can return the product to get a refund. Seller is in peace of mind anyway he/she will be paid or get the product in the delivered condition.

Delay in paperwork :

Paper work takes time while buying car or bikes. When you buy a vehicle you pay the full or some percentage of the price but what is the guarantee that seller will do the paper work ? Chances are there he/she may claim back the vehicle . In other way how can a seller be sure ,after paper work is done ,he/she will get the rest of the payment? There is a huge chance of fraud. Plomor solves this problem using an Escrow payment system.

You can buy products anywhere from India :

Most of us prefer to buy from our locality because we can physically verify product and we can solve the money disputes if any fraudulent activity happens. The buyer has to pay at the moment he/she is making the purchase. This may increase the level of distrust as the buyer doesn’t know the seller while buying products from them online. Plomor help you to buy an where from India as the escrow account is used to make your money safe.

Seller review and ratings :

We consider seller review and ratings most of the times while buying products online. But we don’t get the same for used good sellers. Plomor let the buyer rate and review seller which is very useful for the sellers to get more sales and increase level of trust.

Bonus : Reverse Bidding

Reverse bidding is a process , where buyer doesn’t have to go to individual seller. He / she has to fill a simple form and post it for free. Sellers those who have those specific product bid on the request. This very efficient way of buying product because you don’t have to negotiate or communicate with all the buyers. Buyers always have a lot of option to choose from. Post your request for free on Plomor.

Seller doesn’t have to list individual product. They have freedom to set the price of the product according to the requirement. Seller doesn’t have to wait the buyers to approach them , they can find available requests related their categories and bid on them. More over they can sell anything which is requested for and build a impressive seller profile.


Why you must use escrow in renting a house or property in India?

Let me start with two personal experience .

Story 1

I had newly moved to Bangalore in 2017 , so i thought of renting an apartment with my office colleagues. We searched online but got most of the listings from the agents. The deal was we have to pay the agent some amount so that he will help us finding prospective properties . On the weekend we paid the agent and started the hunt . We went to three different properties but we didn’t like it. So we thought of continuing on the next day. On the next day morning we tried to call the agent again but now we are scammed , he never received the call.

Story 2

After lot of difficulties we found an apartment as we were bachelors it was really hard to find. The apartment was comfortable but it needed some fixes like switchboard , washroom tap and few paint jobs. The owner asked us to pay some advance so that he can finalise the deal and make the repairs. As we liked the house we paid around one month of rent as an advance. we promised him to pay the another month of the rent as security deposit on the day of move in.

We paid the owner security deposit and Finally moved into our new flat. But the repairs are still not done , even we found out more issues in that flat. We called our owner we reported right away. He promised us that he will fix those as soon as possible but that day never came. The days passed we fixed those issues with and asked the owner to make the rental agreement at least. Oh fish , three months passed but the rental agreement never happened. Due to all these issues there was always clash between us. One fine day , suddenly he asked us to move out forcibly and didn’t even returned the security deposit.

I know many readers can relate to my stories. Someone really said

“Necessity is mother of invention.”

We have came upon a really good idea which can solve this particular problem. We can use escrow for property rental to avoid those kind of scam.

What is Escrow ?

In Layman’s term tenant deposits the cash to a trusted third party Plomor , when the owner delivers the house as per the expectation and with paper work the amount will be transferred to the owner. To know more about escrow you can click on this link.

lets see how we could have saved our money using escrow.

Story 1

We could have deposited the agent fees to neutral third party Plomor . When the agent would have found a house of our choice ,then we could have released the payment. In this way both the tenant and agent would have been saved from fraud.

Story 2

In the same way we could have deposited the advance money to the neutral third party Plomor. When the owner would have completed all the repairs and paper work , we could have released the advance money. In this system owner is safe because there is no fear of payment delay or negotiation or repairing cost after tenant moved in.

How Plomor helps in property rental ?

Plomor is totally made in India , escrow management service. The escrow charges are really less which is only 2% ,lowest in industry. You can get free escrow per request when seller refers buyer to the website.

1.Creating a request and inviting the owner

Fill the request form and submit. Posting a request is absolutely free in Plomor. Invite your owner to the request. Don’t forget to mention all the terms and condition before moving into the house while posting a request.

2. Making a proposal

Owner prepares a quote and bid on the request. Tenant accepts the bid .

3. Creating milestone

After the request is accepted, owner creates milestones

ex : Let total advance is given Rs. 10,000. Owner creates two milestone

  • Milestone 1 : House repair Rs. 5000
  • Milestone 2 : Ownership transfer – Rs. 5000

After milestones are created ,tenant pays the money which is going to be stored in Plomor. And the owner gets the notification of payment

4.Delivering the house

Owner delivers the house as per the condition ,both were agreed before .

5. Tenant releases the money

Tenant gets a window period to verifies the property and asks Plomor to release the fund.

6. Owner gets rating and review

Rating and review are a great way to get more customers and reputation. Always ask your tenant to give you reviews .

Plomor will be really helpful renting commercial property . Agents can find lot of potential customer as this is a marketplace . They can grow their business with good reviews and ratings.


The Best way to buy a used car in India

Buying a used car is not an easy process specially in India. The normal process flow involves searching for a car online , take a test drive , getting inspected by a mechanic. The story doesn’t end there , If you have owned a car before then you definitely know that you cant judge a car by going for test drive a few times. Additionally the paper work happens once you pay the money.

But have you ever considered these points before buying a car ?

  • What if the ownership transfer doesn’t happen and you have been scammed?
  • What if the car may have looked good but you have to spend much more than the paid money to fix the issues ?
  • What if the price is further negotiated ?
  • What if you booked a different car from the dealer and you got something else?
  • What if the car has some legal issues ?

Believe it or not these these issues happen more often. After endless follow ups you have to compromise with the car you have bought or sometimes you do have to loose your money. Now let me ask you one simple question

What if you can solve the problem in few simple steps ?

Cool isn’t it !!!

Plomor is India’s first Escrow marketplace cum service provider , Which holds your money till you are completely satisfied with the product . Then releases the fund upon your confirmation to the seller.

Benefits of using Plomor :

For car seller or Dealer

In India there is a trend that the seller gets the 50% of the money before registration and has to handover the car. For a new seller this might be tricky because there are chances the buyer may not turn up for the rest of payment. Plomor really helps in this situation as it notifies the seller to deliver the car only when the funds are deposited to the Escrow.

For buyers

Buyer has a protection against fraud and assurance of quality of the car exactly what he/she has paid for.You are not satisfied with the car then ship it back to the seller , we will refund you the money right away to your bank account.

How Plomor works in buying and selling of a car ?

Buying a car from a used car involves a huge amount of money transaction. Thus it is essential for both the parties to be protected from fraud. Plomor helps in smooth and secure money transfer and delivery of your car in below simple steps.

1.Getting started with a project :

Posting a request is absolutely free. You can login with your social media , fill a form ,mention your requirements in detail. You can invite your seller to propose you a quote as a bid. Accept the bid and ask the seller to create a milestone (ex : Car delivery and Ownership transfer )

2. Buyer pay for the milestone

Buyer pays for the milestone which is going to be safe with Plomor . Upon successful payment Plomor notifies the seller to deliver the car to the buyer

3. Seller initiates the paper work and delivers the car

Seller initiates the paper work and delivers the car and uploads the supporting documents in plomor for verification of safe delivery .

4. Buyer verify the car

Buyer get the time specified during initial phase of project creation to inspect the car. If the buyer happy with the car then informs Plomor to release the payment.

5. Sellers gets the payment and rating

Plomor releases the payment to the seller and seller gets the rating from the buyer. Rating and review process are really great method to gain customer trust.

Fees & charges

Posting a requestFree
Deposit funds0%
Per Request handling charge2% (Lowest in market)
Per Milestone handling charge1%
Featured Request per dayRs. 25
Membership ChargeRefer plan page

Referral Bonus

Escrow commissions charged for providers( Sellers / Owners) who refer new requesters that do not have an existing account on and who will join and create a new account and complete a request, is be absolutely free ,only milestone charges will be applied (1%). Other referral bonus of 2% will be awarded to the referrers when they are not working on same request.


Top 5 Online Money Making Ideas In India.

In today’s tough times, most are hard-pressed in making ends meet albeit they’re currently employed with regular source of income. For some, employment is not any longer an option and would rather venture into other money making ideas which will potentially replace their job income.

This article outlines the highest 5 online money making ideas tons of creative people use to earn extra (or full time) income that creates end meet or to truly put food on the table.

The internet has not only changed how we communicate and research for information but offered tons of income opportunities to ones who are willing to grab it.


one among the foremost common ways to form money apart from having a standard job is to supply your services as a freelancer. If you’re an artist, you’ll position yourself as an artist for hire. Building a web portfolio is extremely pivotal to being an artist for hire. An illustrator must be ready to show potential clients what they will offer them if they take them on as a client. Independent authors and web publishers are constantly trying to find people to style book covers, websites, and logos for them. this is often an excellent income source for somebody who enjoys doing graphic design.

My friend, does this quite successfully and by having his own website that attract organic traffic, he sets himself up above the various other freelance graphic artists around.Another popular way of creating money is to become a freelance writer or editor. Self-publishing books has exploded in recent years. There are tons of independent authors trying to find editors who would really like to possess their work edited for a cheaper price than the norm within the publishing world. you’ll editing jobs or be a ghost writer to assist the author craft the entire book if you recognize what you’re doing.

On the lower end of this scale, you’ll accept article writing gigs and help online publishers like niche website owners and bloggers continuously feed their sites with fresh quality content. The key here is quality content, to create ongoing relationships together with your clients and build your reputation.

Freelance writing may be a great money making idea because you’ll completely control what proportion work you’re taking on. if you’re just getting started, websites like upwork and freelancer are great places to land your initial gigs. Pricing your service competitively will assist you attract clients and build your reputation on these freelance job boards but if you’re considering to travel this route on an extended term basis, I suggest that you simply build your own website to create your reputation, attract more clients, and switch this into a true business which will potentially replace your day job.

There are tons of services that you simply offers as a web freelancer. If you are a developer or a programmer, you’ll definitely make extra money online by offering software development services.

Become a web Retailer

Ever bought something from Amazon or Flipcart? Most of those sellers are people like you and operates their own bookstores, gadget shops or computer retail stores off their homes. There are two ways you’ll start selling stuff as a web retailer.One is by buying stocks and keeping inventories to ship yourself or to become a drop-shipper where you partner with a drop-shipping supplier which will ship your inventories to your buyers from their warehouses. Option two takes tons of labor but it are often tricky when it involves pricing, delivery and item quality as you do not really get to ascertain (or touch) your products before they’re shipped to your customers.

Sell Fiverr Gigs

Yes, Fiverr gigs! it’s going to not appear to be much but Fiverr gigs are not any longer limited to $5 per pop. you’ll offer your initial service or product on the quality $5 pricing but you’ll offer upgrades from $20 to $50 per pop. a number of the gigs you’ll offer are voice overs, small graphic jobs, short videos, SEO pushes, and other small and fast jobs that you simply can do for a couple of minutes of some time .

Open Up A YouTube Channel

As mentioned in my previous article, YouTube users watch 4 billion hours of video a month so there are always people willing to observe your videos. an individual who plans to form money off of YouTube must choose a distinct segment or what they need to speak about in their videos. Do they need to show a tutorial or provides a commentary? If someone owns all of their material legally, than they’re eligible for the partner program.

With original ideas and constant promotions, an online entrepreneur can found out shop on YouTube during a matter of minutes. Although it’d take tons of labor , the payment after a short time are often pretty big but a bit like the other content marketing businesses. YouTube videos won’t cause you to a cheerful camper. it is often a numbers pool , consider it as having your own television program where you are the host, producer and channel owner. you’ll read this text for more on the way to make money with YouTube.

Create And Sell Your Own Products

Tons of online marketers found that they will make money faster with creating their own products than creating blogs or niche websites. This in fact ,beyond the realities of most beginning online marketers but if you’ve got a while to spare, product creation isn’t that difficult as you’ll think. Creating an info-product (eBook or membership site) on a topic that you simply know and love will reward you hundred times over. Come to consider it, if you’ve got a product of your own, tons of other affiliate marketers are willing to sell your products on their websites and email lists for a commission helping you reach a really wide audience that’s impossible for you to succeed in on your own.


You can refer someone on Plomor which is newly started in India. It is a fully made in India Escrow service which will help everyone in buying and selling items safe and securely. Plomor work in a very simplified manner, do check out how it works. You can earn 4% of the total project cost by refereeing someone.

There are an entire lot extra money making ideas people use to form money online but these far and away are the highest ideas that you simply can put to figure for you directly , specially the highest 3. Building and publishing your own blog or website is that the best thanks to build a business system which will build an awesome source of passive income within the near future but the highest 3 ideas listed above will assist you make money directly .


What is Escrow ? How it will help Indian customers buying / Selling and renting assets or properties?

What is escrow ?

An escrow is a financial arrangement where a 3rd party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for 2 parties involved during a transaction. It makes transaction more secure during any buying , selling or renting process by holding the payment in a secure account. When both the parties mark the transaction or transfer complete the payment is release to the seller or owner.

Escrow is really useful when the buyer or renter pay the money in advance and the paper work really takes time to be completed. It is obvious level of distrust may arise. Let’s take an example when you are buying a used car or buying/renting a property. The buyer has to give the money first then the seller starts the paper work. There are chances the paper work may not happen or the quality is not what explained. In Other way What if the buyer starts negotiating after the paper work done?

Escrow account is really useful in these type of scenarios. Buyer or renter has to make the payment first and the money will be deposited secure escrow account of Plomor. When all the paper work and the asset is delivered , then the buyer instructs Plomor to release the fund. Escrow process can be applied in many fields like renting , buying , selling properties , assets and vehicles . While traditional escrow service is sort of difficult and must be obtained through banks and lawyers, Plomor provides online escrow services at affordable rates. This eliminates all legal jargon and allows for secure transactions and confident buyers and sellers.

What is Escrow? from Jasper King on Vimeo.

How does Escrow Work?

Plomor reduces the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds when both Buyers and Sellers are satisfied.

  • Initial Agreement – Buyer posts a request for free and invite owners or sellers to bid on your request. Buyer assigns the request to the provider by chatting or physically verifying the asset. Finally they agrees to a term of transaction.(EX : The car should be in specified condition and the paper work must be done)
  • Creating Milestone – After the project is finalised the requester ask the provider to create milestones. (Ex : When buying a car milestones will be completion of paper work, doing minor fixes , paint job. When buying a property the milestones will be Cleaning , paint job , paperwork ) . Suppose the buying price of the whole car is 5 lacks , then the seller can create multiple milestones. Beauty of the system is buyer can get money per milestone rather than waiting for the completion of the project. When the seller delivers the car gets 3 lakhs and when the paper work is done gets 2 lakhs.
  • Buyer makes the payment : When milestones are created , the buyer has to make the payment . The payment will be securely stored with Plomor. The provider gets a notification that payment is done for the particular milestone.
  • Seller delivers the merchandise – Seller delivers the product as per specification and submits the tracing information in case any third party transport is used.
  • Buyer / renter accepts the delivery : Buyer or the renter accepts the delivery and asks Plomor to release the payment to the seller.
  • Plomor release the payment : Plomor release the fund to the respective provider
  • Provider gets a rating : Based on the experience of the purchase requester provides rating to the provider . Rating system helps the seller to attract more customer.

Periodic notification of the transaction Status

Plomor enables you to keep track of the transaction efficiently. We have work room concept where every action are recorded and additionally you can attach files and images for convenience. You can additionally chat with the sellers , visit their profile and decide to buy from them or not with existing reviews and ratings.

Freelancing Part Time Jobs

Must Read : If your are new to Entertainment Industry In India

Indian entertainment industry has grow significantly in last decade. More youngsters are opting out for entertainment industry in India as a permanent job. Now a days entertainment industry is not only limited to Indian film industry now days below projects create major source of income for entertainers.

Projects which need entertainers

  1. Corporate events
  2. Wedding parties
  3. House ceremony
  4. Conference
  5. Sports
  6. Cafes
  7. Lounges
  8. Restaurants
  9. Hotels

The only problem is finding and connecting with the connections. There are various websites and method where you can find these types of gigs .

  1. Mostly from your connections (Make contacts)
  2. Public directories
  3. Freelance Websites(depends on luck as they serve in multiple location)
  4. Facebook
  5. Plomor (Exclusively designed in India. It provides gigs only in India , so probability is high to get a Project or freelancer easily)
  6. Show case your profile in Instagram
  7. Publish youtube videos

Entertainment freelancing jobs which are in Trend

  1. Actors
  2. Singers
  3. Models
  4. Stand up comedians
  5. Dancers
  6. Public speakers

These gigs are alway in demand, because it is hard to find a good talent. And most of the time entertainers don’t get payment on time. This is one of the biggest reason why good talents are vanishing from Indian industry. If the things are fairly played we could definitely bring up new and good talents, so this is a best practice to always associated with an escrow process so that you wont be cheated. If you want to know about escrow this link will explain well. The Customers get the benefit too , as there are very few chances of getting scammed.

Online Presence

This is the most important phrase for any freelancers / part time job holders . No doubt you have talent but people should know about it. You have to showcase your talent in many possible ways.

  1. Making an impressive social media profile
  2. Creating a page
  3. Going live more often
  4. Get ratings and feed backs

Plomor helps you yo create an impressive profile by aggregating your bio, achievement, image gallery , video galley which can be easily imported from any of the websites. This has an advantage of getting reviews and ratings. This enables your potential customers to identify you add offer you gigs and get you more reviews. Plomor is absolutely free for registration and requires very less time to create a beautiful profile.

For the customers who want to hire an entertainer , it is really easy for them. You don’t have to go to individual profile and contact them. You can just fill a form with your requirements and within very few time you can see list of potential talents with their pricing as a bid. Then you can short list the providers , chat with them , view their profile and shortlist them. Here comes the big security feature the “ESCROW” . You have to only pay when you are satisfied with their work.

Freelancing Part Time Jobs

Finding part time jobs and making money in India

We all know finding a job is a hectic task. The person who is having a job is not happy and person who doesn’t have any job he is not happy either. The reason is the person who has a job he doesn’t have time and the person who doesn’t have a job has lot of time in spare. Then comes part time jobs in the picture. Are those going to a reliable source of income ?

Most of the part time jobs posted in job sites are scams. Either you wont get paid or the customers work is not done. Let’s assume you got a freelance or part time job , you earned money . The question is will you get recurring freelance or part time jobs. Honestly you can many people live their life by freelancing . But the question is how big is that group. I would say that is limited few people who are in Information Technology . There many sites like freelancer how provides the opportunity to work from home.

But what about non technical group. What about the freelance job or part time jobs which demands the freelancer should work on site. Those freelance websites connect the people from any corner of the world. May be it wont be possible for the freelancer to come to India and work for You. Let’s take an example of heavy truck driver , Construction , Artists it is hard for them to find regular jobs.

Here Comes Plomor as a helping hand. It only allows freelance or part time jobs from Indian people for India people. Totally home made. Build in a mission of made in India.

It has following features

  1. Freelance / Part times jobs only form Indians clients to Indian Freelancer
  2. Escrow for payment security
  3. Buy and sell products in reverse auction
  4. IT and Non-IT job types
  5. You can just simply refer some one to Earn money
  6. Find Near By Jobs

Plomor is a one-stop destination for finding short / long term projects specific to one’s field of interest. Opportunities for finding work are numerous. One can work over the weekend and find the kind of work one likes. One can work in one’s summer vacations or even post-retirement. Money isn’t the only motivation, but one gets paid well.There are no compulsions involved. One can make some additional money during one’s spare time, and find joy at doing what one likes the best.

We make short term jobs available for amateur and professional singers, models, comedians, event planners, photographers. It all starts with making a nice profile for oneself, showcasing one’s portfolio and getting hired for work.  
One need not bother about commuting long distances. Apply only for the gigs in your vicinity and earn additional cash in your spare time. One also has a chance at meeting a range of new people and making new friends.
In particular, for amateur artists, this is a fine opportunity to get some hands-on work experience in one’s field and refine one’s skills.